august 2011

popsicles and slip & slide at a friend's
lily decided we needed to celebrate dad working so hard. here's her list: card, decorations, brownies, soccer. his favorite color is red so we did quite well on that too.

we became zoku pop-o-nators.
in high school I was in a dixieland band put together by a judge. there are only a handful of people I bet that can say that. I still play once in a while but this night he had some good (pro) music friends visiting. they are way way above what I could ever do. I just went for a nice little private concert.

our bicycles were put to good use this month. this day we were on our way to the roundhouse festival.
picsies of my girls.

friend built a pvc-child-car-wash-sprinkler thing and we had a fun afternoon.
after a summer of begging we finally did a lemonade stand day.
cute babe.
big old trip to bear lake with some of our big old family. can you spy 3 smeagols?
then right after that a family anniversary trip. 10 years! we played at park city. stayed at the fancy haunted moroccan hotel. walked a lot downtown.
then another trip with friends. trax. elevator in library. lots more walking downtown. ice cream, gateway fountain, built bears.
then ANOTHER trip to ogden to fabulous pool on the mountain at friend's.
more swimming. in a boat on sulphur reservoir.

back to school party. we did dinner after church one afternoon. fashion show with everybody's new school clothes and backpacks. which morphed into a quite talented talent show. also a pinata!

then I documented a typical tuesday on the playing house blog. so if you haven't seen quite enough of our august yet today, go there for just as many more.

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