doing as I'm told

Miss Warner wanted to see the haircut so here's all the photos of me in September. But guess's already been cut again. About the same. Special, huh? Cheer for me, I've come out of hiding :)


not him, me.

8 months seems to be some kind of magic non-sleeping number I wasn't aware of. Maybe because Lily was never an easy baby...I had nothing to compare to. Perhaps the worst part of it all is that Derek and I have been watching Alias on dvd after kid 1 and kid 2 go to bed but we've both been too tired to stay up and watch.

Poor, poor me.

hi I'm allie and I'm a:

proud new owner of a Patrick Warburton.
my goals were to be able to have several massive programs open at once,
store every photo I'd ever want to access
(not to mention like 20g's of digital scrapping stuff),
automate batches of 50 photos at once in photoshop,
and blog again :)
looks like a comparable processor and memory and all that in a mac would have cost double
sorry mac friends....not enough draw to pull me to the dark side

quilt for my mom

you like? she did :)
the pattern is Hot Cross. I bought it when they had the kit for sale (with all the fabric you needed and everything). All I changed was the fabric for the binding since I had extra of that white and liked it a bit more.
my first take-it-to-a-shop-to-be-quilted experience. wow, I must like hyphens. anyway, very pleased. plus the local shop is on my beloved Main Street (along with the library, ice cream shop, art cafe, junky homemade lunch places, music store (for saxophone reeds), post office, overpowering potpourri gift shop, hair salon, scrapbook store). ahhhh, love it.

where did we leave off?

now that I'm all giddy with new computer love I'm ready for some high-speed blogging.

first I think I'll go back to the pictures I picked out and resized before I became too impatient and frustrated trying to get them up.

family vacation pictures (yay!)

if you asked Lily she'd say we went to Michael Jackson Hole, WY. a little confused.

thanks for coming along! thanks mom and dad!