all is well

what's she laughing at? see for yourself

other than viewing sneezing pandas and color changing chameleons and such, we've been:
  • Christmassing it up. all the usual things.
  • making sure our Elf on the Shelf (Buddy, of course) finds his way to a new spot each day
  • couple weeks of the sickies. guess it was our turn.
  • researching late 1950s music to put together my grandparents' home movie 8mm to dvd
  • putting on snow gear, readjusting snow gear when it bugs someone and she melts into a whiny frustrated puddle, wearing snow gear for not that many minutes ice-booting or sledding or jumping into large snow piles and then removing snow gear
  • planning family vacations involving old home: phoenix and a trip to california (specifically anaheim)....don't tell our children please. it's a glorious surprise.
  • celebrating daddy's birthday (oops, it's over)
  • Mad Men marathon. wasn't the season 3 finale the best yet?
  • super fancy Christmas tea party for the 4-year-old girls in our lives
  • Christmas parties in general. I think we're about done.
  • instant Netflix box watching (Christmas is Here Again....fantastically weird)
  • reading all your blogs