yep, that's us. woo I'm on my blog. I don't know how I feel about it still.

since May began I've been in photography mode again. learning new camera things, new photoshop things, taking pictures of other people again, creating a new website:

(because I hated spelling out both my first and last name to strangers or giving long urls)
go snoop all you want. it's still being tweaked+edited but for now there are no empty links.


though it's not really a "before" because none of that stuff was ours...this was before we moved in

and it's not really an "after" because I can count about 27 things I've moved, changed, hung up, installed or bought (like a piano and a giant coffee table) since I took these photos a month ago and it doesn't include the projects waiting to happen (like installing cupboards in the horrible laundry room, finish painting various rooms and a kitchen tile backsplash)

and I didn't even photograph some halls, the bathrooms or the basement because they're about the same in all of their seventies glory

so this is more of an
"entirely different+during"
than a

and today I made my bed

my tiny boyfriend

photo #1: my visual representation of the word boy
photo #2: on max's list of ten or so words: "dah" that means car of course
photo #3: we take play very seriously around here
photo #4: know why I love my mom job? because I get to be the one to teach him that dinosaurs say rar
photo #5: rar!