penny tile bathroom floor

this tale will read a little like the time when I gave a mouse a cookie.

you know that little thing on the bottom of the toilet that covers up the bolt? you know how ours was a 2 inch square? you know how Max flushed it one day and it clogged up everything? that was bad.

at the time we didn't know what it was so we tried all manner of ways of fixing the problem. on day 3 (I really didn't want to call a plumber if we could avoid it. he has a really long beard and wants to talk about hunting for way too long) I was frustrated with the no progress and tired of staring at the ugliness of the downstairs bathroom. the one room I'd shown no love to. not a bit. maybe a new rug. here it is when the old owners still lived here

too bad it doesn't show how the cupboards are really kind of yellow with a gold design sprayed on and the wallpaper pattern is like country blue wheat lining the walls. and cheap ugly linoleum.

so since I couldn't fix the toilet I changed out the faucet.
and painted the wallpaper (I liked the texture)
and changed out the doorknob and the towel bar and the toilet paper holder and the light fixture and the switchplates.
and took out the baseboards.
and painted the cupboards and put on new knobs.
and decided to tile the floor. this one deserves like size 74 font but I probably won't do that.
and cut new baseboards and caulk stuff.
and had to spend 3 days of my life ripping out 4 layers of old floor from like all the way back to 1918 probably. not really I don't know but it was hard.
and my legs still have some gray patches where the epoxy grout decided to stick to me.

oh yes and at the beginning of that me and my sister Caiti did get the toilet fixed. we learned all about unbolting it from the floor and discovering the little bolt cover wedged near the bottom and then all about wax rings (gross) and putting toilets back in and stuff like that. that's when we became plumbers.

so it's not like a remodel but it is like a major facelift.
it's weird to love a bathroom floor but I love my bathroom floor.

and the window is because I decorate like a kindergarten teacher and needed something happy in there.



  1. Anonymous2/02/2011

    It looks amazing!! Great job! :) I love the window idea...super cute! :)

  2. I want that floor. And I would hang a cute window like that in my house...I didn't really think kindergarten teacherish when I saw it. You are talented.

  3. Can I hire you to help me decorate my house?? :)

  4. wow! super job! Impressive.... especially the fixing the toilet business. Totally gross. Good thing for good sisters. Can't wait to see it in person!

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