andy matthews is one cool kid

also so what if i'm related to everyone i do pictures for?

a couple years ago i went to a musical in utah (annie) with my then hs sister and her choir. this boy was in the choir...also happens to be my second cousin though i'd never really met him before (i have more than a few second i actually was blog friends with before realizing she was another cousin...true story....hi chantri)

andy's parents are 2 of those 'nicest people you'll ever meet' people. andy is too but with a twist. on the bus ride he kept telling stories of how he'd sneak into his parents bedroom in the evening. hide and wait until they were settled. jump out and scare the pants off his dad. also similar situations involving jumping out at his mom in the minivan once she'd begun her drive.

i imagine andy is a fun little brother to have around. one day you'll see his name on the big screen.

real kleen janitorial

that's my secret.
that's where i take people for photos.
evanston's high class, people.

fonts for you

hey so a looong time ago i made a bunch of fonts for people i know and didn't know and then made then available to even more people i both knew and didn't know.

then i got too busy and stopped. then i switched blogs so i've still been sending people back there to download them.

now they've found a new home. also the font button at the top of my blog has been updated. come and get em.

there were several fonts made that never got shared. they have been added to the master list but i thought i'd point them out here for all you font-downloading-die-hards so you don't have to sort through your lists and figure out which ones you don't have that you want.

click to download Ben Grade K 2008
click to download Brianne
click to download Brittany
click to download CVW_Thin
click to download CVW_Thin2
click to download endora's handwriting
click to download Go Pang Go
click to download Kari's Font
click to download Kathryn
click to download Katie
click to download Kristan
click to download Nicole
click to download Pang for President
click to download Rosanne
click to download Skinny Dip
click to download Stephernelly
click to download Zanne


this blog has been interrupted (well, not really...nothing was happening anyway) and changed into a temporary photo-blog. that's honestly what has been taking up my fall. there are so many pictures i love i couldn't not share.

also i love saying things in double negatives.

so the next several posts will hopefully be showing off all the beautiful people i've been looking at lately. first up:

my cute youngest sister+lucky me snagging this chair for free+14 minutes before sunset+the empty lot between taco bell and porter's fireworks (for real)=

costume bragging (friend, sisters, brother-in-law and such)

thank you for being a friend

more fun

setting the spooky stage

halloween cookies (still going strong on the oct 31 posts)

who ya gonna call?

no one. our friends called us to decorate cookies!

our completely normal friends. see?

these were for lily's preschool party. I cut the ring part off of these spiders because they wouldn't push into the cookies very easily otherwise and they needed to work easily because I'm committed to letting my 4-year-old help. didn't she do wonderfully?

witch finger cookies for our home halloween party. half of the kids wouldn't get near them. I honestly couldn't bring myself to eat the fingernail part.

max and lilyyyyyy....lily and max

friends, is it okay that I have no less than 4 posts about ready to go on the topic of Halloween? thank you. be back soon.

watch out! here comes Lily

don't worry, he's still happy

voluntarily overscheduled

pictures, halloweening, family time, preschool, parties, fun.

a week ago:

happy to report most of that has now been accomplished.

does anyone else suffer from the disorder where during a week like that one (and that didn't even account for teething, helping grandma, groceries, babysitting and such) they suddenly feel the need (like pushing a baby out need) to tackle projects that have been sitting there for 4 months?

well one afternoon I put up these wall stickers (from but gone now....why not make your own?)

hey blog friends, I'm back :)