fonts for you

hey so a looong time ago i made a bunch of fonts for people i know and didn't know and then made then available to even more people i both knew and didn't know.

then i got too busy and stopped. then i switched blogs so i've still been sending people back there to download them.

now they've found a new home. also the font button at the top of my blog has been updated. come and get em.

there were several fonts made that never got shared. they have been added to the master list but i thought i'd point them out here for all you font-downloading-die-hards so you don't have to sort through your lists and figure out which ones you don't have that you want.

click to download Ben Grade K 2008
click to download Brianne
click to download Brittany
click to download CVW_Thin
click to download CVW_Thin2
click to download endora's handwriting
click to download Go Pang Go
click to download Kari's Font
click to download Kathryn
click to download Katie
click to download Kristan
click to download Nicole
click to download Pang for President
click to download Rosanne
click to download Skinny Dip
click to download Stephernelly
click to download Zanne


  1. yay. new fonts. i was actually on your site looking these up earlier today. love them. thanks for sharing!

  2. thanks for sharing. I will use them when I need them. I can not wait to need them.

  3. these are awesome. fantastic blog! and i'm obsessed with that yellow dress in your picture. amazing.

  4. Thank you for all the gorgeous fonts on your site..:)

  5. Thanks for all the new fonts :)

  6. I was looking for somewhere to write a thank you for the fonts and then got involved with the mean Santa's - or were they mean kids? either way, I bet someone was pinching someone to make them act that way lol!

    Then were those delightful, but crazy cats. I laughed so loud and I checked on dh to see if he heard me laughing and to tell him to come up and check this out, but he was asleep on the couch - was until I woke him up and became all grouchy. I'm not going to share all the fun things until he lightens up a bit! Anyway, thanks lots for the fonts.