dessert recipe share

once upon a time my friend had a baby. we went to a celebration for that baby. I brought this dessert. several people asked for the recipe. I told them I'd send it. I didn't get around to it. yesterday that friend mentioned that this baby is now 6 months old. I remembered the dessert recipe. I'll try to do better.

if you've asked me for a recipe before, now is a good time for a reminder. before my trying wears off.

(probably click there and then right-click and save image as)

easter dinner


at my house this year. I think that most of my stuff is bright and cheery and springy so pulling together spots for 12 guests was just a short colorful scavenger hunt around my home.


also gathered lily and my lil sis to make the candy-filled carrots and name eggs.




project life | week 1-9

so I guess I've been secretly scrapbooking project-life style since my hero emily shared hers at the start of 2012. like most PL participators, I do about a layout per week. I'm already so pleased to be able to look back and see what details our lives were made up of that I'm sure I would have otherwise forgotten.

don't expect nice little lists of where I bought everything I've used. who knows. but I did do anyone interested a solid and post these pics differently. if you click them they should show you a zoom-in. so you can zoom in on my cleavage ha ha.

week 1:

week 2:

week 3:

the placemat is not part of it. stuck it in there while photographing the little insert to keep things separated. the week with a road trip + max's birthday needed a little bit extra room.

week 4:

week 5:

week 6:

week 7:

week 8:

didn't have a ton to work with so just left the backs of valentines with some pretty vellum.

week 9:

caine's arcade

this is the best thing I have ever ever ever seen.

playing with m-a-x

I don't know how to jump in smoothly after a long stint of unblogging. Just imagine how I'd look if I actually tried to jump over a creek. Clumsily crash into the other side. One leg in the water and now my pants are all wet and one shoe is squishy. Roll in the dirt while I try to get up and then the superstar TA-DAAAAA! at the end. Ok here we go.

Been editing and organizing pictures from this year and Project Lifeing as I go. I think I figured our why I stopped blogging. I get to March when we went to Disneyland (oh yes) and there are like 677 pictures to sort through. Mmhmm. I made it as far as packing Lily's clothes:


...then gave up. Even now I've just moved on to the few weeks past that and will have to go back. So no Disney magic yet.

Playing with my 3-year-old Max is pretty much what I do all day so it is what I know. and what I take pictures of. If you come over, don't you dare call him anything but plain old M-A-X. He's been yelling at all the old ladies at church that call him Handsome Max or Max Hoopes or anything of the sort. "No, me Max!"

Yesterday I told him he was cute. Lily agreed. He told us "Me no be yours friends anymore. You no say me cute. Me just MAX!"

So when he's not mad at me, we play. Mostly things with wheels and tracks.

Surprised him with a fully set-up track with tunnels and a bridge even. Ya I'm cool.


hot wheels.


magnetic blocks. these are beautiful. something inside me will go crazy if we lose one and do not have the full set of right colors. No, I don't have a problem.


Cars squinkies. he has like 4 lightnings. since the faces are painted and differ slightly he distinguishes them as happy lightning, sad lightning, tired lightning and weird lightning.


crap, he's cute. don't tell him.


looks like he found the 2nd harmonica. I have a duet to go work on.



THAT's what I was supposed to remember! I have a blog! 2 posts down there's CHRISTMAS stuff aaaaand it's April.

Whilst I catch up on getting photos in order how about a rad eggy Easter project from last year?