project life | week 1-9

so I guess I've been secretly scrapbooking project-life style since my hero emily shared hers at the start of 2012. like most PL participators, I do about a layout per week. I'm already so pleased to be able to look back and see what details our lives were made up of that I'm sure I would have otherwise forgotten.

don't expect nice little lists of where I bought everything I've used. who knows. but I did do anyone interested a solid and post these pics differently. if you click them they should show you a zoom-in. so you can zoom in on my cleavage ha ha.

week 1:

week 2:

week 3:

the placemat is not part of it. stuck it in there while photographing the little insert to keep things separated. the week with a road trip + max's birthday needed a little bit extra room.

week 4:

week 5:

week 6:

week 7:

week 8:

didn't have a ton to work with so just left the backs of valentines with some pretty vellum.

week 9:


  1. Anonymous4/18/2012

    Oh Allie...I'm so glad you shared! I am so inspired!! I especially love your goals, square pockets and quote cards!! Can't wait to see more as you work on it!!! :)

  2. Why did I get you tiny cupcake stands for your B day when I clearly should have gotten you a super hero cape! How amazing is this! I need to do a little flippy flippy through and see the real thing. Luv it! Im still in a bit of a conundrum as how come you have extra hours in a day then the rest of us?? :)

  3. You have the cutest blog! Thanks for sharing- I may return to scrapbooking yet...
    Can you tell me where you got your plastic pages and your binders? Are they 12 by 12 or 8 by 11?
    Thanks ! I love it- so cute!