Lily's Lovely Legoland

after school is over! lots of fun. I'm ready for a break. Lily's conditioned to having something awesome to do every day of the week. oh my. 

after school

we've been playing school.

I guess we've been playing "after school". we've asked just a few friends to come play while I use up fun pinterest ideas and we make May even busier (with good stuff).

pictures below are from day 1. we made tiny All About Me scrapbooks.

some children's personalities allow them to come home from school and then sit and do more coloring/writing/cutting/following directions/NOT wiggling. some children (who I appreciate very much) go along with it for a while and then say "time for me to go play swords for a while"

feeding the ducks

only the ducks turned out to be seagulls. 

they gathered all around us either for all the stale bread being thrown their way, or the stripes. 

max is cordial to most kids, but he'll only claim 2 boys as his best friends (these are not exactly those 2). though after an I'm-cold-let's-play-in-the-truck playdate with Addie in which Addie found her mom's scissors and snipped her hair (and maybe Max's...not quite clear on that), Addie's on the list. 

after bedtime books we talk about the day. he smiled and said, "Addie's a silly duck. She's my friend."