after school

we've been playing school.

I guess we've been playing "after school". we've asked just a few friends to come play while I use up fun pinterest ideas and we make May even busier (with good stuff).

pictures below are from day 1. we made tiny All About Me scrapbooks.

some children's personalities allow them to come home from school and then sit and do more coloring/writing/cutting/following directions/NOT wiggling. some children (who I appreciate very much) go along with it for a while and then say "time for me to go play swords for a while"


  1. You must be the best mom ever. What fabulous ideas. I love all the explanations you give of the different days. Your children are really quite lucky to have you! :)

  2. I wish we lived closer! I would sign both of my girls up for everyday!!

  3. Its true, you are the best mom ever! Such fun and creativity and patience! I especially love that 'No Lily, you cant do after schools, BUT lets do..." such an awesome and way better alternative!!!! I know right now Max and Lily just think that this level of momness is normal.. im excited for the day when it clicks that HOLY CRAP their mom is super woman.