this blog has been interrupted (well, not really...nothing was happening anyway) and changed into a temporary photo-blog. that's honestly what has been taking up my fall. there are so many pictures i love i couldn't not share.

also i love saying things in double negatives.

so the next several posts will hopefully be showing off all the beautiful people i've been looking at lately. first up:

my cute youngest sister+lucky me snagging this chair for free+14 minutes before sunset+the empty lot between taco bell and porter's fireworks (for real)=


  1. Beautiful Pictures, Beautiful Sister. Absolutely perfect. You are amazing!

  2. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    did you just say free? for THAT chair. That's not like a dumped on the side of Monroe street near my house where it always stinks like sulfur kind of chair. That's a BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT, BEAUTIFUL chair. Did you just get lucky and your mom didn't want it anymore or something!?

    Oh and that last photo with the sunlight. PLEASE give us more photos-- I'm waiting now.

  3. She is so pretty!! And I think she and Lily look identical! The last picture is my absolute favorite!