andy matthews is one cool kid

also so what if i'm related to everyone i do pictures for?

a couple years ago i went to a musical in utah (annie) with my then hs sister and her choir. this boy was in the choir...also happens to be my second cousin though i'd never really met him before (i have more than a few second i actually was blog friends with before realizing she was another cousin...true story....hi chantri)

andy's parents are 2 of those 'nicest people you'll ever meet' people. andy is too but with a twist. on the bus ride he kept telling stories of how he'd sneak into his parents bedroom in the evening. hide and wait until they were settled. jump out and scare the pants off his dad. also similar situations involving jumping out at his mom in the minivan once she'd begun her drive.

i imagine andy is a fun little brother to have around. one day you'll see his name on the big screen.


  1. I'll speak from experience...he is a fun little brother to have around. He ALWAYS keeps us rolling on the floor. And makes ONE COOL uncle too! Bridge rather likes him ;-) I can't wait to see his name on the big screen one day! Awesome pics Allie!

  2. I LOVE Andy as well. The little stinker. Great pics as always. So Allie, I have a question... I didn't make it to Santa's workshop but one of my sister in laws went and saw these purses she really liked. She said she thought one of the moms from our little girls dance class was selling them. Do you know who this would be? I want to figure it out so we can surprise her with the purse she liked. Just thought I would see if you had any idea. Thanks! Will you email me at

  3. That Andy Clay is a pretty cool cat. And yep, he's a pretty great little brother. We sometimes wonder where all that personality came from. He is definately a riot. There is never a dull moment in our household. Thanks for the sweet comment about my mom and dad too.
    Great pictures! You're awesome!

  4. To answer your question about hanging out in February... YES!!! YES!!! YES, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!