all is well

what's she laughing at? see for yourself

other than viewing sneezing pandas and color changing chameleons and such, we've been:
  • Christmassing it up. all the usual things.
  • making sure our Elf on the Shelf (Buddy, of course) finds his way to a new spot each day
  • couple weeks of the sickies. guess it was our turn.
  • researching late 1950s music to put together my grandparents' home movie 8mm to dvd
  • putting on snow gear, readjusting snow gear when it bugs someone and she melts into a whiny frustrated puddle, wearing snow gear for not that many minutes ice-booting or sledding or jumping into large snow piles and then removing snow gear
  • planning family vacations involving old home: phoenix and a trip to california (specifically anaheim)....don't tell our children please. it's a glorious surprise.
  • celebrating daddy's birthday (oops, it's over)
  • Mad Men marathon. wasn't the season 3 finale the best yet?
  • super fancy Christmas tea party for the 4-year-old girls in our lives
  • Christmas parties in general. I think we're about done.
  • instant Netflix box watching (Christmas is Here Again....fantastically weird)
  • reading all your blogs


  1. I'm always a little envious when you go for awhile without means you're really LIVING LIFE instead of just staring at the screen.

    and plus, your comments are to die for. :) thanks for the luv. brandon says so too. we like you.

  2. Phoenix? When? We would love to see you guys! Please let us know. You area always busy doing something.

  3. Thanks for the Roku tip. I'm looking into it. How fun. We've done the princess breakfast...very cool, you get to see all the princesses without having to wait in forever long lines, but we did Goofy's Kitchen this last time and I really liked it too. Random characters, WAY better food (that's of high importance to me). I've also heard Minnie's breakfast is good.

    Have you ever heard of ridemax? Check into it. Google it. It totally works....we use it all the time in the busy seasons and love it. If you're going when it's slow season though, don't even worry about it.

    Merry Christmas

  4. sorry for the 2nd comment, but....

    we got the Roku. set up the Roku. love the roku. have you tried out amazonvideo on demand?? or anything else besides netflix on the roku?

  5. What I've been doing:

    -missing your blog.

    Glad to see you.

  6. YYYEEEA! You're back!!!! I was beginning to think you forgot about all of us - your fan club. (There are quite a few of us, you know..) ANYWAY, make sure I'm on that Phoenix trip list. Where are you staying and do you know the days yet? Can't WAIT to see you!!!!!

  7. Oh, and we have an Elf on the Shelf (LOVE HIM ..although last night was the first night he FORGOT to move locations. Oooopsie). sleepy mommy..I mean, Elfie. Ours is named Nicky. We pretty much use him for the sole purpose of threatening Paige that he's WATCHING. It helps :)