not him, me.

8 months seems to be some kind of magic non-sleeping number I wasn't aware of. Maybe because Lily was never an easy baby...I had nothing to compare to. Perhaps the worst part of it all is that Derek and I have been watching Alias on dvd after kid 1 and kid 2 go to bed but we've both been too tired to stay up and watch.

Poor, poor me.


  1. I swear every night we say that we are going to watch a movie after we put our 2 to bed. But....every night one of them falls asleep pretty easy and the other one fights it and then the next night they rotate. So, by the time we get BOTH of them to sleep, we're too tired and end up going to bed about a half hour later. I don't remember the last time we sat and watched a movie. The joys of parenting!!

  2. 8 months huh. Crap.

  3. Also, this is going to have to be a must.


    Like Violet would say, "It's so cute I can't even stand it!"

  4. Lillie9/14/2009

    Just caught up--- glad you're finally watching Alias... assuming you didn't watch it 8 years ago when you were supposed to. SOO glad you got your new computer so I can count on you again. And anxiously awaiting a photo with the new haircut. Don't make us wait 'till is all grown out again k?

  5. So I added you to my blog list so I can see your posts, I think you do a great job. I need to email you for the permission for the Kindercamp photos

  6. hi, just found your blog by going from blog to blog and I love it.
    I use blogger too. and I have a question. how do you get your pictures stay so big on blogger.
    and you mentioned, batch processing in photoshop.. I want more info.
    this is if you have time.. I don't want to sound so forward.
    I did jump on to the MAC band wagon. so far so good. had it a couple of months and knowing what I know now. PC is great too..

    anyway, let's chat.
    Twink./ Crystal.