quilt for my mom

you like? she did :)
the pattern is Hot Cross. I bought it when they had the kit for sale (with all the fabric you needed and everything). All I changed was the fabric for the binding since I had extra of that white and liked it a bit more.
my first take-it-to-a-shop-to-be-quilted experience. wow, I must like hyphens. anyway, very pleased. plus the local shop is on my beloved Main Street (along with the library, ice cream shop, art cafe, junky homemade lunch places, music store (for saxophone reeds), post office, overpowering potpourri gift shop, hair salon, scrapbook store). ahhhh, love it.


  1. oo la la, this looks like it could BE the quilt on cover of the pattern. so so lovely. sigh. you're wonderful.

  2. I miss Evanston Main street! I too love that place.
    Very beautiful quilt too!

  3. Okay Ally you are amazing!!! You are very artisy and crafty. I hope by being your friend you can rub off on me.