where did we leave off?

now that I'm all giddy with new computer love I'm ready for some high-speed blogging.

first I think I'll go back to the pictures I picked out and resized before I became too impatient and frustrated trying to get them up.

family vacation pictures (yay!)

if you asked Lily she'd say we went to Michael Jackson Hole, WY. a little confused.

thanks for coming along! thanks mom and dad!


  1. yaaaaaaaaaaa! I MISSED YOU!!! Such cute pictures! Looks like a fun trip and I happen to think your bearded wonder looks good that way :) And, I wanna see your new hair cut.. I'm ready to CHOP mine off.

  2. ooo, derek looks so rugged. and I loved how this post felt like a vh1's pop up video.

    long hair or short, you are a hottie!

  3. Derek,

    Your family looks great man, I hope you are well!



  4. Remember how I saw your husband when I had to take my husband to the ER in Eville! As we were walking out of the ER I saw him and thought - I know him. . .but how. . .and then it clicked. What a sweetie - he even said Hi! (What is he doing working at the ER?)