remember christmas?

forgive me if you can't stand thinking back that far

around then I was just starting to figure out the video use on my regular camera (d7000).

this video demonstrates everything I've mastered so far:

wobbling around. remembering that people don't like more than a few seconds of the same thing (though I think the christmas morning scene goes for slightly longer...just wait until you see max realize that there are presents for him as well). changing focus from one thing to another thing. lining up taylor dancing with the dancing part of the song. awwww yeah. and magically lining up the end of the music with the end of the video. I'm practically a pro.

this one's embedded from where I stored the full hd version (I think) so go on ahead and full-screen us.

p.s. if it doesn't show up in your reader here's an easy link for you. consider it a really late christmas gift.


  1. Wow, I am impressed! Very well done. Also, I'm wondering how you did the Christmas tree in a bucket? Way cuter than any tree skirt.

  2. Love it! Nice work! What software did you use to put together your footage/add music? I've had a d7000 for almost a year now and I have yet to do anything more than just film my girls saying things. I'd love to do little music videos of footage from family events/etc. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Thanks! Christmas tree came in a fiberglass pot that had chunks broken out of the rim. So Christmas tree (pot and all) were fit into a silver garbage can :)

    I used sony vegas for the video. Free download so far. I don't know when they make you buy it but it's cheaper on amazon than it is on their website. I'll need to do some learning to use it. Seems like it does a ton and so far I figured out the minimum to put this together.

  4. Just watched it with Bradyn and it's official, we miss you! Our favorite parts were bowtie dancing Max and Lily wiggling her tooth. :) Fun stuff. Cute friends. We need to play soon!