september 2011

I'm getting so close to a year's worth of edited/uploaded/blogged photos. a year! If this is boring beyond belief, come back in a week. though you'll probably be bored since it's still just us doing stuff.

first day. first grade. I was still sad. she was not worried a bit though.

my sister's wedding! so pretty. they should move to my street.

labor day parade. so dorky but really one of my favorite things about living in a dorky little town.

max's rain jacket was mine I think when I was a kid. Lily is easy to spot after school :)

I had many days worth of both napping pictures and swinging ones. they are my favorite.

more parks. guess what this one's called. railroad park.

demolition derby! I don't think we'd gone before. it was pretty exciting. at least the first 1/3 of it until it started sprinkling and our kids got hungry for not-demolition-derby food.

max ryder hoopes.

mary poppins! magical.

lily's school days are filled with max + mom projects. he loved painting and glue on buttons.

crazy hair day + cowboy bling day or something weird like that.

seeing as how no one here has ever won a rodeo, we made our own cowgirl bling.

hundreds of beautiful glass jars from the wedding=maybe I should finally read about and start canning food. I did and it was great and we've eaten most of the peaches, plums, tomatoes, salsa & spaghetti sauce but not until after I spent a whole day removing the candles and wax from the jars. if you ever find yourself in a similar situation please come let me help you.


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