may 2011

my favorite thing about this picture is her outfit compared to the line behind her. my own little pinkalicious.
may 3 we had daffodils! the fall before we'd had a bunch of landscaping/planting done so this was so exciting! even more this year. I can't wait. though I'll have to because they're covered in a pile of snow.
lulu with her best girl. second cousins even.

tres cheers for the cinco de mayo festival in evanston. it's so fun and bright and delicious and happy. hanna was in the little dancing club.
lily's kindergarten program. she sang twinkle twinkle little star as a special duet and wore her most twinklie outfit. afterwards we went to treehouse museum in ogden and played.

my current favorite almost-crawling little friend girl.
more cute girl time for the big girls.
oh man. perfect rainy morning. we'd just dropped lily off at school or something so it was still all grey and wonderful. this was at MY second cousin's dentist office lot. what a good wall, huh?

anniversary party for my parents. (more photos via the link)

fun with kids' faces.

then we adopted a couple of crazy cereal-eating puppies. my kids still love playing puppies (or babies) frequently. lily says woof. max says wooss.
three weeks later and we had these!
one day after school I grabbed a couple of friends and convinced them we were going on a dinosaur hunting adventure. we came up with about 5 different places in town that had dinosaurs. jumped out to take a picture and be crazy.
this one was the highlight. inside is a rock shop with quartz and fossils and other rocky stuff.
morning bed snuggling. we still have a mom/dad's bed sleepover every friday.
plants for the porch.


  1. And the gold star for blog updates goes to ALLIE! YAY! Oh I miss warm weather already. You continue to be such an inspiration of fun and creativity.

  2. i LOVE the banner for the anniversary party! and i've never heard of this treehouse museum but i will check it out now. i wish i had a cool friend like you who thought of things like dinosaur watching!