june 2011

the month that I took more horizontal photos than ever before. enjoy.
this was also the month that max seemed to have a forehead lump in constant rotation. the clumsy little life of a 2 year old.

this still hurts my heart. we loved our kindergarten teacher. the last day of school lily walked out so slowly with the saddest face imaginable. she bawled. I cried. it was rough. she still writes her little letters and notes and her teacher still comments how adorable her clothes or her skipping is when we see her after school.
track & field day in the summer with some friends.

you know when pharmaceutical (or something) guys come to doctors offices to get them to buy stuff and they also bring take-out? well my husband brings home leftovers once in a while and this one was pretty. and pretty delicious heh heh heh.
yellow party!

soccer. never has so much whining about socks & shoes been heard by mere mortals. I even cut the feet off her team soccer socks so she could just wear her regular specially-selected comfy socks and then wear the green as leg warmers. she wanted to wear either crocs or rainboots.
a delightfully common view over the summer. this time we were headed to the zoo.

you know that pinterest thing where people make chalkboard paint that looks all luscious and smooth? we did something wrong.
because this happened.
but it was still a good way to spend an hour in the afternoon.
my kids together is one of the best things ever. we are lucky.


  1. Cute cute cute cute CUTE! And crocs or rainboots as soccer shoes - awesome.

  2. i just randomly stumbled across your blog and i LOVE it! your photos are beautiful. i love seeing your parties! i would have a party every week if that were possible :D

  3. Those donuts are delish! We would get those at the office I worked at too! Lucky girl!