valentines day must make me want to use hot glue and paint

so the wreath base on this thing is just some plastic stuff (the grid-mesh kind that kids sew on with a big plastic needle) that I could cut easily into an o.
cover it with fabric using the hot glue.
get a bunch of little heart cardboard boxes.
have your lily paint the bottom parts.
hot glue all over the bottom parts of the lid and stick fabric all up in there.
don't forget the top part of the heart (see how my red one looks junky in the dip? don't do that)
more hot glue.
shove the lids onto the boxes.
decorate them with beautifulness (sparkles are a bonus)
glue ribbon to hang it up.
be the envy of all the little girls in your neighborhood.


  1. Okay so I am seriously going to start printing off your ideas so I can have them on hand for next year since I am not sure I will get around to it this Valentines day. I love it!!

  2. i have to say, i love everything you love. can i move in?

    and i appreciate your favorites list and "future projects" list on your sidebar. some of them are even on my "to do" list! (like the braided headband...)

  3. super rad idea! I might just have to make this!

    p.s. Go Manchester United! :)