Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest Yo ho ho, and a bottle of rum!

the most popular day at kinderkamp (I didn't name it that, thank you) this time around was pirate day! arrrrrr.

we all donned eye patches (2 circles of felt with a long piece of yarn sandwiched between...then I stitched a rough circle to keep it all together) and i sang a version of yo ho yo ho as the welcome song. and read a charlie and lola book in which there are pirates.

then made treasure chests (these were a kit from oriental trading co). actually assembling them looked too tough for 3-4 year olds so I did most of this the night before and then the kids practiced their scissor skills by cutting our treasure and jewels

what do pirates eat? goldfish of course. and orange juice. at least i chuckled to myself.

then we had learn-to-be-a-pirate stations:

1. buried treasure: digging for Lily's dress-up jewels in a bucket of sand
2. hearing a story about mermaids
3. walk the plank
4. fishing for your supper
5. sword fighting (but pirates always know that if they hit each other they get their foam swords taken away so no one did)
6. ahoy matey pirate card game

Lily's talked about digging up the treasure nearly every day since....this one might be a repeat next time!

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  1. Pretty sure this was one of the biggest highlights of kindercamp!! BLUE SAND!! You are amazing!! Favorite kinder camp teacher ever....!! Thanks for being so wonderful