carrot cake

recently it was my dad's birthday. tradition states that my mom (or one of her daughter helpers) makes the carrot cake. this wasn't just a fluffy orange was a CARROT CAKE. heavy heavy thing made even heavier by the icing. bad news.

this year several members of our family are on a shut-your-pie-hole-be-healthier kick and that cake at a family event just wouldn't do.

i found a recipe for carrot cake (minus the thanks) and a recipe for whipped cream cream cheese icing that i promise made a tastier cake than i've had before. i questioned all the fruit chunks and things in the cake but they're what made it good. you could leave out the raisins if you're really not into that kind of lumpiness.

i used the batter to make a pan or two of cupcakes and some mini cake loaves. we passed out about half the goodies to friends and neighbors and kept just what we needed for the party (so my family wouldn't have pounds and pounds of cake sitting around ready to be eaten). yum.

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