i ♥ twirly dresses

so does she. i made this dress for my little cousin person the other day and she informed us that she'd be wearing it every day. no word yet from her mom if this has been the case.

the pattern is actually again from dana. of course. i didn't even mean it to be. i went googling one night for a way to make a nightgown without a pattern and found her shirt dress tutorial. which i know my sewing friend has shown me before and even said "allie! make this! it's easy! it's cute!" (she really talks like that and i love it) and i agreed that hers were but just didn't do it.

so first came lily's nightgown. ugly flannel hippie mess. somehow i didn't read the part about elasticing the sleeves. next came my attempt at it again....too small and too many goofs. into the trash. then lily's dress. she loves it. because it's pink and it's twirly and it has two layers in the skirt. so i started one for madi to show her mom some sewing machine tricks and made the skirt too long and she said let's just move the waistband up and it was my favorite thing ever.
the minnie mouse 50s housewife i love lucy dress. soon lily will have one in blue.

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  1. Ok--- both of those are SOOO cute... but I want to see Lily's closer! Those fabrics---- colors--- sooo cute.