i like her yellow walls

once upon a time we lived in arizona and one of the best things about it was becoming friends with the warner girls....and kyle, the warner dad.

my lily and her paige were just teeny tiny when we arrived. i wanted to be friends with her because she had the love-my-new-baby-loving-mom-glow and she liked me because i made a joke in a talk at church about how you'd never forget my name because saying 'allieOOoooops' was so dorky. it really is.

we played a lot. paige liked to yell and squeeze lily.

then we moved. sad.
then we went to visit. yay!
paige still likes to yell and squeeze lily.

so that might have been set up. lily's since learned to squeeze back.

also they've both developed quite a talent at comedy.
knock knock
who's there
a chicken
a chicken who
why did the chicken cross the road
because his head was on backwards

big sister gracie as pretty as ever and perhaps the best babysitter yet.

and we've eached added one since then. hopefully it doesn't take another birth before we get together again! we love you too.


  1. I've been meaning to blog about Sophia's obsession with jokes that don't make sense. Maybe it's the age.

  2. Love these... love you guys... but what is UP with that babies hair??! ha ha (I can say that - I'm her mom)