I'm betting you are all already fans

but if not, I've added some of my favorite things to the sidebar on this here blog and the sparklepower blog is for sure one of them

I think I've only expressed my adoration once or twice for fear of sounding like a mega-fan and dorking out over ifwekneweachotherinreallifeIsurehopewe'dbefriends

and then to prove what a fan I am I'd show off all the sparklepower things I own:

because keep calm carry on is soooo last year:

vintage pyrex dish. la la love it.

flag banner. yikes....who's the lazy painter in this house? finish the job!

this one's real good. go see for a better image and proof that i'm in the top 10% of fans.


  1. I too have a healthy crush on all things sparklepower. She's amazing.

    Except the no meat thing...I just can't get on board! :)

  2. Oh, it's all such cute stuff! Love it all!