my heart is stored away in my hard drive


apparently i'm still searching for my ideal photo-to-blogger posting method. what do you like?


  1. Three of the cutest pictures I have EVER ever seen.

  2. oh I LOVE that one of them in the crib. so Allie-SHARP.

    Sorry for the comment line-up. Could have just left it all in one, but I kept thinking I was done then wasn't.

    Do you know what happens when you go to make a blurb book if you've been hosting your photos on flickr to post them? That's what worried me about that. There were so many tedious things to do on my last blurb book, I was worried if they were hosted somewhere else, they wouldn't load and I'd have to search for those photos over again. Not sure though. I just upload the the old-fashioned way and make them bigger in the html. Sure you know that option.

    and ONE more thing. Your compliments make my WHOLE day. tha-tha-tha-THANKyou.