let's say it was last sunday, and a big mean dude from the craft police stormed into my house and bellowed WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SHOW FOR YOURSELF?

and while you're here let me show you why I'm so pleased to be using an old computer desk as a new sewing table

there are probably a couple other things he'd ask me during our visit

and if he came back today inquiring on the quilt top I'd say it was completed Monday and dropped off to the quilt shop for my first ever have-someone-else-quilt-it experience and I'm expecting it in a few days. wish me luck!


  1. Impressive! Can you really use that paper cutter on fabric?! I have the same one and have never attempted it! Beautiful quilt by the way:)

  2. This is one of those allie-hobbies that I wish wish wish I believed someday I might take up. Since I'm shooting to be like Allie when I grow up and all. But I'm thinking I'll never have this one in my pocket-o'-skills.