I made a public list a little while ago of some things to do before I jumped back into blogging. Maybe I've been puttering along because the list still needs work.

garage sale? check. like 6 weeks ago.

new blog? check. minus the moved files and things.

playhouse? check. many a princess has been rescued and mud pie carefully assembled.

emails? sorry.


  1. okay so who built the house? you or d? it totally rocks. and that "I-can't-think-of-what-it's-called-right-now" fabric that is for table cloths and outside, water-proof needing places? BRILLIANT!

  2. Wait--- Just read Shell's comment. Did you BUILD that playhouse? If we bought one and had to assemble it, it would surely fill our to-do lists for an unmentionable amount of time. Did you actually BUILD that thing? It's the Wyoming in you. I need a little of that.