gave up the binky completely + nursing less often for twice as long + not as easily lulled by the swing now that he is a big boy= time for maxbaby to learn a little self soothing


it has not been bad at all (proof is that i'd even risk entering the room to snap a picture). downside to a boy who loves his crib (or momma's bed) is a boy that only loves his crib (or momma's bed). not grandma's. not a carseat on the floor at a restaurant. not a picnic blanket.

ahhhh babies.

p.s. lily the previously kind-of-badsleeper who only slept away from mom so far the day her little brother was born and who's mom has even recently had to employ this


to keep her from joining the mommy-daddy-bed in the wee hours had an actual sleepover outside under the stars with bwampa and aunt hanna (just across town in their backyard). she told me she'd be ok and not miss me too much if she could a) have smores b) go in the hot tub and c) bring pinkie pie and pandy the panda and some transformers bandaids just in case because grandma only had regular bandaids and that just wouldn't do


  1. love all the new pictures, especially max's rolls on his cute little chunky arms.

  2. Little Max is getting so big. I love that you documented these two things in your life. I hope all goes well with Lily and Max but by the looks of it I would say that the stickers speak for themselves.

  3. I loved that my kids loved their cribs.... but yeah, guess you can't have it both ways-- they never did the car or a shoulder at church or the beach... oh wait.