check it

friend lillie is guiding me through bigger blog pictures minus the flickr hosting (bit of a pain). time to try out a tall one and a small one. see you on the other side.


  1. Thanks for the credit. Do you feel like you have to, since I've had to point to you oh so many a time? Don't waste your time, you're never gonna catch up (in the pointing to I mean). :) Don't you take the biggest sigh of relief when you change that dumb s and finally see your lovely photo NOT like you're looking through a kaleidescope? Hooray!

  2. CUTE! Love her little giggle face.. but I'm concerned, who invited Little Bo Peep to the princess party? ;)

  3. Just wanted to comment back and say thanks for the "congrats" post on my blog. :) I ADORE your pictures and wish I could be even close to as creative as you. Maybe someday with lots of practice. :)

    Ps. How did you get the big pictures?! I want in on that secret! I'm sick of small pictures on my blog. BLAH! :) If you're willing to share, you can email me at chippsacola(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks!

    Your kids are adorable and that picture of the princesses is so fun!