when she woke up on her birthday she told us she was an inch taller than the night before.
while i'm not so sure about that, i am sure that she is:

1. the sweetest big sister in the history of the universe. "mom, when i look at max's face it's just so cute that i just want to always be nice to him and share my candy" she used half her birthday money to buy him a thomas toy and acted like it was for some other kid the whole time we were at the store to trick us :)

2. a kindergarten phenomenon. she's all over reading, spelling, first place in kindergarten art contest, hermit crab walking in p.e., telling me her favorite color is now rosado, searching for box tops in any kitchen we're in and proving that she knows what exclamation marks are for when she's reading!!

3. a tape master. she'll disappear into the art room and work away using paper scissors + tape and come out with these amazing sculptures. a working pirate chest. safety goggles for me when i was working on the tile. a leprechaun trap.

4. an awesomely healthy kid. she picked out a treat to bring to her class on her birthday. hostess cupcakes and sweet peas.

5. enthusiastic! as a baby, enthusiastic probably wouldn't have been my word choice. she was enthusiastic about screaming. now that she's grown into herself and her sensitivities and her being able to communicate that her socks are driving her crazy, she's just delightful. it makes me happy to watch her squeal with excitement over fairytale bingo or the fact that i cut her turkey sandwich into a heart.

6. nice. just plain nice to people which is one of the most important things you can be.

p.s. i really have been working on birthday party pictures. how about tomorrow?
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  1. It's crazy how I sort of feel like I know her since I have photos planted in my mind from when she was like 2 from your blog. jumping on the bed with petals in the bottom of her dress? Did I make that up? I thought it was the prettiest picture I'd ever seen. I can't believe she's six. I think our girls would be great friends. And SO nice to each other.

  2. And HOW honored am I to see familiar pictures in your fun pinterest collage!?