October 28, 2013

Since my last posting I:

-had family portraits taken twice. What the what? Both for other people's fundraisers and I found out I am not a person that buys outfits for pictures but rather digs through closets a couple hours before hoping that what I want is clean. And it usually works out just fine.

-went to a party. Planned a different party. Had a huge party 5 days after I had decided on that party. Partied.

-enjoyed a day off of school, and 2 half days off of school....so 2 days off of school? Whatever I like having my kids around.

-participated in real Canadian Thanksgiving with a real Canadian. We still all laughed at her when she called the garbage disposal the garbarator.

-braved the crowds of Utah for Cornbellies on the busiest day ever and experienced the Waffle Love truck for the first time ever and it was oh so good.

-went to Hogwarts again.

-sewed 2 Halloween costumes and I still have my own on the to do list so I better go do that.


  1. More please! Blogging that is.

  2. Ditto to what Sam said. That Thanksgiving looked divine!!