family pictures 2013

You guys.
I love Halloween so much.

Not necessarily scary Halloween, but fun wonderful imagination Halloween.

And my family got 400 bonus points from me for playing along.
My husband earned 398 of those points for the combination of glamour women's wig, moustache, and baby legs turned pirate socks.

And for knowing that the hook is on the left hand.

And my sister for agreeing to the shell bra.
What's a lagoon full of mermaids without at least one shell bra?

And then they all got sprinkles on top for agreeing to the pictures in the freeeezing cold.
Oh, Wyoming.

 All the sources I can think of:

peter pan: got the basics from make it love it blog
feathers for peter and tiger lily: made blog
captain hook: bought it online
arsenal: walmart
mermaid skirt: inspired technique from the girl inspired blog
rainbow over mermaid lagoon: hula hoop + pvc pipe + tape  + rainbow slipcover sewed last minute
london phone booth: oddly enough, downtown in my town in Wyoming


Last year.
Non-blogged, I do believe.
Even more magical if you happen to know where the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe is located.
Max will always have a special place in his heart for Bert. 


  1. I really, really love the Tinkerbell hiding in Wendy's bow. You are the best costume concocter ever!

  2. Oh man. So perfect!!!

  3. Hi Allie - I just popped over from Life Made Lovely and I can't stop smiling as I peruse your posts. You can really feel the fun here - I love it! :)