how about this?

remember when I found my blogging purpose? ya, that was so great. but then the only video I've done since then is that one of Max on instagram. for the time being you can be on my real live blog and click right over on the right to see it. It's got the play arrow.

then I was thinking that I would do one of those fabulous blogging schedules and that would get me going. you know when people are all WHATUP WEDNESDAY and #tbt and all cool? I really like lots of those!

so I thought about the kinds of things I do a lot and the kinds of pictures I take a lot and tried to come up with catchy titles.

this one works. I do make lots of stuff. and "stuff" matches with "saturday".

I guess I can pull it together and do two kinds of stuff on Saturday. I used to be a blogger.

but then I have a bunch of pictures where I lovingly just photographed our crap. those make people feel good, right?

and then I have a problem (really) having to do with rearranging my house more frequently than a person should. this one's a bit weird but we're going with it for now.

and then I spend loads of time doing PTA stuff like making these boys sit still on a chair while I make copies of school shirt order forms. would people even want to see that? come on now.

then I could totally do segments where I point out how lucky Evanston residents are. But can I really do that every day? let's be honest. we already had multiple snow storms.

I'll think on it. probably for 4-6 months. bye. unless I get 4 million actual comments. then I'll blog again tomorrow.


  1. Haha! Oh man I love it.

  2. Hahahahahaha. Yup. Love these :)

  3. Yeah! Please bring more of these into my life. Please and thank you.

  4. How many comments? 4 million? I am so there. and in case you're wondering, and just in case you're wondering what we learned in the last hour at my house, after million is billion, then trillion, quadrillion, quintillion, sextillion, septillion, octillion, nonillion, and finally, DECILLION. oh yeah, and then a google.

    I love that I'm a real life friend!

    One more thing: just remember, it's hard to be popular (and to have everything you create be so popular).

  5. Stuff I didn't clean up makes me think of "messes I didn't make"! Thanks for the fun post!

  6. Jennifer10/24/2013

    I came across your blog quite some time ago, I can't really recall how, but I have enjoyed it ever since. Always fresh and inspiring. I know I'm only #6 on your way to 4 million, but I enjoy the posts.