I found my blogging purpose

One thing I already wish I had more of from my kids' earlier years is pictures. Haha just kidding. That's ridiculous. They will never tire of looking at their cute little faces when they're old people. I have a well-documented problem. The thing I wish I had more of is videos! Especially the ones I've taken the time to edit a little and add some tunes. I'm very bad at it and use only the crappiest of programs but I'm still thrilled with the results.

So last week or so I embarked on a journey to Utah to go to a concert with my high school boys (little sister Hanna is not one of my high school boys but she was my companion for the night). She's wonderful. Then one of the high school boys showed us this video of bike riding. Then I stole the idea only made it way way better :) Enjoy.

(p.s. I promise to film the right direction next time duh)

Max Going the Distance from Allie on Vimeo.


  1. So stinkin cute! He's wicked fast! What program did you use to put it together? Bradyn has been playing around trying to learn how to make movies. :-) PS - when did Hanna get so old?

  2. YES!!! Cake + Max + cute bike riding = perfection!!!

  3. Such a cute video. Perfect soundtrack!