My top 10 goals for the summer

One. Acclimate to the heat wave.
Two. Talk into my iPhone in public like a crazy person.
Three. Make a summer list with my kids even though it's already July 1. 
Four. Continue swimming lessons for my boy because he's going to be an Olympic champion one day because he's arty on learn to swim level two as a four-year-old. 
Five. Learn to pronounce already.
Six. Go to my two favorite regular old vacation spots with some of my regular old favorite people. 
Seven. Make Szoka pops. I said so cool. PvZ 0K you. Oh fine I'll type it: zoku pops! If that's what the dumb things are even called.
Hey. Exercise until I lose the equivalent weight of a tiny child like max. 
Nine. Right 1 million blog posts. 
10. Play saxophone in the awesome jazz band at Mat camp. 

I would say this blog post is a success.


  1. Dang right it's a success. And I wish I could see you talking into your iphone like a crazy person. . .

  2. This is hilarious.

  3. I love this so much, I am totally gonna "share" it on FB as soon as I get done typing this comment. So there.