when the mood strikes

i appreciate friends that let me go for it when we show up for a new baby visit and i decide that i like their giant windows and stripey shirts and so they should let me take some pictures.

then today i'm editing them quickly and just as i'm about to picture text her a fourth message saying 'look at this one too' i decided switching to blog style might be easier.

the last one is my fav-a-favorite. i love family pictures that somehow manage to squeeze the whole family into a nice little rectangle while still allowing them to be their crazy running-around tending to the kiddies selves. nice sentence, allie. you know what i mean.

also the laying on the floor ones turned out cute even though dad never had his eyes open. you're welcome for sharing them with the internet.

natalie, you are the cutest mom ever to your beautiful boys.

the ball-throwing one is for you, b.


  1. OH MY CUTENESS! I simply can't pick a fav because I love them all. Although that last one is perfect. So are the striped shirts. Love that you guys came to visit and love that you're always game to take our picture!

  2. I'm with you on the last one--- can't seem to figure out how to get those on purpose though--- I always think--- maybe that's what "they" mean by composition. Maybe if I googled it, I'd learn what looks good beforehand without just thinking--- ooh lookey there.... after the fact.

  3. CUUUUUUUUTE!!!! love the pictures and love the people :)

  4. thanks for sharing allie! cute pix. i can't get enough of those three little boys! ps. how did b not nail your camera?

  5. I LOVED these pix! You know why ? They made me feel like I was there!

  6. Hey that's Natalie! :) fun and super cute! Feel free to show up at my house anytime... I have windows and striped shirts. ha ha :)