one of my photos popped up on sparklepower and i realized i should reveal the "after" to the intergoogle.

we painted. and switched out a light. it still needs a little help up top but i need a part and just put it up anyway.

i promise the rest of my kitchen isn't so blindingly bright and matchy. this little wall is tucked around the corner so i can handle it this way because we don't look at it all the time. i decorate like a 5-year-old.

also don't be jealous of my sparkly countertops.

also my neighbor brought me some cupcakes the other day and didn't even announce that there was pure total sugary magic on the inside. the rainbow cakes you've seen around the web for a while are all the more wonderful when they're a surprise.


  1. Ok. The cupcake looks AMAZING! And where did you find that cute chandelier!? I'm dying over here!!!

  2. I love your house. It is so you and so perfect.

  3. Love the cute red table and lamp I love your style It is very refreshing and fun.

  4. Ok-- did you MAKE Lily's kitchen? Where's THAT tutorial. And this makes me think you're hiding all sorts of pieces of that darling house from us--- show more--- I want to eat the whole thing--- it's like CANDY. So so cute.

  5. Once again, I LOVE your house. I LOVE seeing pictures of it. Way cool.