but mostly just the california adventure parade.

for me it was like the unicorn-kitty-butterfly sparkly whipped cream and cherry on top of a wonderful family trip.


  1. Aren't those army guys from toy story so freaking cool looking?!

    Wish you lived here and you could run over there on a whim with Lillie and I and our brood of children.

    Great pictures. Makes me want to run to d.land today.

  2. That parade is amazing!! I love it and could watch it over and over. Glad you had such a great time! Great memories that your Lily will never forget.

  3. It really is magical, isn't it!?!?

  4. Wow! Magical would definately be the right word! I can't imagine how much the kids loved that! Lucky kids!

    I also am in love with your vibrant colors!

  5. Just so you know you are in SO MUCH TROUBLE for not calling me while you were here! WHATEVER?!!?

    No, really, we cans still be friends. :) But don't let it happen again!