first thing in the morning: she ran to the mirror and put her hand on top of her head and studied things for a minute and then informed us that she had grown an inch since yesterday. now she's five.

she wanted to have a unicorn-kitty-butterfly party. it's important that they go in that order as well. she'd invite 5 friends (besides her family) and they'd all need to be girls because boys only like star wars and pirates.

early morning presents from mom and dad. oh how i love still being able to choose mostly what to get for her.

very specific on the breakfast: grapefruit with sugar, toast cut into a shape and white milk. check, check and check.

she woke up the the streamers and was delighted. we'd already hung the fabric butterflies and a few stuffed unicorns on invisible thread. they're still up :) she wrote everyone's names on balloons herself.

the banner we always use for everyone's birthday. it was mine the day before so this was the display i enjoyed.

the kitty part of the party. we premade kitty headbands and tails. also i put together pictures of Lily growing up and made a short movie. we watched it and laughed at all the bum pictures and silly faces. if your birthday is not the day for this kind of attention i don't know when is. she felt really special.

requested party games: limbo and don't eat pete (when it's your turn you close your eyes while everyone else quietly picks one candy to be pete. then you turn around and start eating candies until you get close to pete and everyone yells DON'T EAT PETE) great fun.

i took several days to make bakerella's hello kitty cake pops but they were such an exciting part of the party. and delicious. we used rainbow chip cake. we didn't want candles coming out of kitty's head so we made this little heart cake the same way in a heart mold.

dinnertime: macaroni and cheese, bagel bites, fruit salad and milk. she made it easy on me.

i'd finished this dress earlier in the week but she was saving it special for her birthday. lovely.

the 2 rather taller guests were the top 2 on her list. my sister and my cousin. i love that they jumped right in and wore the kitty costumes and played limbo and made her day great.


  1. WOW Great party Allie!! So happy you're 5 Lily! Looks like your a great party planner like your mom. You two have talent. I noticed at kindercamp that you had grown at least that much!

  2. looks dreamy. just dreamy. i love how your home is like a puffy cloud. with green geometric looks-like-it's-lickable frosting on the walls.


    you're dreamy. happy b-day, superstar.

  3. i am putting this on my list for girl birthday parties...who wouldn't love a kitty unicorn butterfly party. too cute.

  4. to cute I love the video idea, you are full of great ideas. Lily is a cute and special girl.

  5. DARLING birthday party! Happy Birthday Lily!!! That is Erin's' little girl in the matching red polka-dot dress right? Oh I wish I lived up there & our girls were friends. There's nothing like cousins, but my Berklie would love friends that weren't cousins too!

    Cute cute cute.

  6. Oh--- OH my. That video-- that party. Smashing.

  7. So much fun. I tell you I just know our girls would be best of friends.