vintage colorful grandma chic?

what would you call this style? I'm not so sure but I am sure that it makes me happy looking at it. like make a pink-polka-dot cup of tea and cozy up with some Billy Collins or maybe just watch Ned & Chuck one last time happy (oh how I love Ned & Chuck). and lucky me....sometimes looking at it from within because it's my sister's apartment! isn't she bright and oh so creative? :)
5-15-2009 4-51-31 PM_00975-15-2009 4-48-11 PM_0093
5-15-2009 4-49-04 PM_0095
5-15-2009 4-47-41 PM_00925-15-2009 4-32-30 PM_0003
5-15-2009 4-32-49 PM_00335-15-2009 4-35-08 PM_0057
5-15-2009 4-33-21 PM_0054
5-15-2009 4-36-41 PM_00615-15-2009 4-35-24 PM_0058
5-15-2009 4-36-09 PM_0059
5-15-2009 4-36-30 PM_00605-15-2009 4-38-02 PM_0065
5-15-2009 4-39-34 PM_00705-15-2009 4-39-18 PM_0069
5-15-2009 4-38-39 PM_0067
5-15-2009 4-41-00 PM_00745-15-2009 4-41-40 PM_0077
5-15-2009 4-43-53 PM_0084
5-15-2009 4-43-34 PM_00835-15-2009 4-43-02 PM_0081
5-15-2009 4-45-22 PM_0088
5-15-2009 4-42-12 PM_00805-15-2009 4-44-24 PM_0085
did you enjoy your little tour? well then go paint your cupboards pink! what's stopping you? go on now.


  1. check to see how the comments work? check

  2. Yay a new blog from Allie what could be more better.

    PS You know of any cool baby girl names. Not too popular just right?

  3. creativity runs in families, apparently. :) there is beauty, all around.

  4. i love cati's house!! you two should come decorate mine..

  5. Fabulous!! I want to go to there.

  6. now that is just love. ooo wee-love it ALL.

  7. Delightfully tasty! I love the colors, decor, and Max. Of course, those are the cutest picts on tour!