carefully composed photographs

6-22-2009 4-12-12 PM_0067

In all my photo taking for other people it seemed that we rarely set things up to photograph them in their homes. It's such a natural place for kids to be that I was kind of surprised and wonder if perhaps the reason is that they think they are going to end up with lovely pictures of their kids in a pile of laundry with a grocery list and a vacuum for a backdrop.

I just about always photograph my own kids at home (with not only that stuff but also dirty dishes, boxes from Amazon and never ending paint project cans all over the place) and I think the magic trick photographer people learn is simply to slide stuff out of the way.

So today I wanted to show my nice newly painted toy room wall.

6-22-2009 4-11-32 PM_0065

But it seemed a slight bit unauthentic without the in-process octogenarian wood floor project, mondo pile of magically scooted over stuff and other two neglected walls. There you go.

6-22-2009 4-12-22 PM_0071

6-22-2009 4-12-35 PM_0074

6-22-2009 4-13-44 PM_0080

And then my sewing spot with the quilt that stares me in the face longing for a backside just looked pretty.

6-22-2009 4-57-27 PM_0086


  1. gorgeous, allie! can't wait to see it once it's finished!! the little things in the frames are adorable as well. :)

    have you discussed the wallpaper (?) outside of the playroom yet? it looks awesome!!

  2. Even with all of the unfinished stuff it still looks great. You have such an eye for decorating. I love your unfinished quilt.

  3. I am loving the wall! I still need to paint my house. LOVE the quilt, saw in on flickr. Your beard, your beard is good. Why can't a heterosexual guy tell a heterosexual guy that he thinks his booty is fly??

  4. Ha! best post ever. I mean ever. :) thanks for the whimsy, and the everyday as well.

  5. sorry, not done yet. I also wanted to say that I think coin quilts are the coooooolest, and I love that you turned your charm kit(s) into one. you are a diva.

  6. I love it all-even the "stuff." My question is do you/what do you do to get all your colors so radiant? Your pictures always make things look like the sun is right in the room!!! I love it. Is it your camera? Settings? Or have you honestly captured the sun and placed it quite so, in each picture you take? You're incredible.