homemade pretties

no tutorial needed really. glue the pieces together. here's where I purchsed some of my supplies.

flower clip supplies:

craft flowers (though not papery ones)
flower middles (buttons work quite nicely)
alligator hair clips
hot glue

(those polka dot fabric
ones are slightly more involved. tutorial maybe?)

6-20-2009 11-52-56 AM_0060

ring supplies:

adjustable rings
e6000 jewelry glue
paper-backed glass pebbles

6-20-2009 11-52-13 AM_0056

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  1. i found his blog somehow :) he is great. im sure his lady just swoons over him daily.

    dont you hate how blogger doesnt notify you of comments? that is one of my least favorite parts. boo.

    oh and wheres the bunco :)