mama gaga

age 1: Thriller. my parents are cool enough to expose me to this music. probably dancing with me and my chubby thighs. "mama gaga" is in my limited vocabulary.

age 8: Captain Eo at Disneyland. possibly my first 3D movie. I think my little sister peed her pants while sitting on my dad's lap :)

(you tube has the full movie too)

age 10: must have been my first mtv experience because I remember seeing Remember the Time at my grandma's house during summer break over and over again

age 11: my friend Jill and I learn to play Will You Be There from Free Willy on her piano one summer. I can still sing along to every "yea-ah" and "car-ry"

age 13: I spend a chunk of my limited babysitting earnings on HIStory: Past, Present and Future (I think my sister still has disc 2)

age 19: I hear of this person some of my friends know at college named Derek and that he dressed up as old Michael Jackson for a Halloween party, complete with the grab/twist/hat tip/on your toes move. I am intrigued. Later married.

age 26: bought our house and inherit an outdoor cat which we name Brown Kitty. she has kittens (name changes to Brown Mama Kitty) Derek names his scaredy cat Ichabod. I name my white-gloved one Michael Jackson

age 27: Lily's walking past the tv on which I am watching American Idol and hears Seacrest announce a Michael Jackson song. she stops to laugh at the silliness of our cat having a song

now I am in search of just the right stencil to make Max a mama gaga onesie

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  1. I know- SAD, huh? Michael turned into a bit of a nut, but no doubt about it, that guy had talent. I have a lot of memories rockin' out to Michael...