love letter to my family

oh my little family, I love you so. right now we are just perfect. and by perfect I mean so so obviously flawed but we are working on it and choose to look at the good. and together we are so good. 

we are always good busy. our days are full but they are full of what we choose to fill them up with. lots of together. lots of celebrations for no reason. lots of reading and learning. lots of adventure times. lots of making things and helping. 

kids, you are amazing. summer is the best of bests because I get both of you all the time. max is a better max when lily is around and lily is a better lily when she's being a big sister. together you are kid-imagination-cuddling-giggling-magic. I keep catching you in those delight little moments I want to remember forever. I never knew this was such a great thing because I remember just being a punk to my own sisters. hopefully once in a while we had a moment. 

you are the perfect ages to try for a BEST SUMMER EVER. we've got the list going. we've got a basic plan. so far, so good. I think this is what I'll sit and think about when you are both older and have other stuff going on. we are purposefully unplanned with activities so we can fill our days with good, good stuff. 

I love being the mom in this family.


  1. Good thing too cuz you're so so good at it! Those are some lucky cute kids and we miss you all bunches!

  2. Your family is positively delightful, and you inspire me to be a better mom. Love the pictures!

  3. I love this post!!