the a's to some q's

this shirt was a christmas gift from my seesta. find it at signals (and various other places online)

same sister got me these (she's good) next i want orange ones

the lily lego picture (i'll show you again) had the following settings

  • took it with a 50mm 1.4 lens.

  • opened up the file i have on my faq page (but I'll put it right here for you too)


  • selected and dragged (drug?) all the layers (except for the "nothing" layer....that's just a placeholder) onto my lego photo

  • didn't change a thing. usually slide the levels sliders around a bit but it looked good and adjusting nothing is quicker than adjusting a little

  • merged all layers together so i'm back to just the one

  • unsharp mask 1 px 100%. maybe i even did this twice

  • rounded the corners of course and all that stuff i did to post it to my blog


  1. the sandels....ooooooh, the sandels. love them. need to get them for my little one.

  2. Yay for pictures and tutorials. I stopped playing around with my camera because I got tired of taking pictures of my dog, but now with a bambino almost here I am trying to relearn everything again. I also just upgraded my PS7 to CS4 (using my faculty discount)! Yes!