guess what I did

I blogged! yep, that's right. bet you thought I forgot how.
my motivation? commit yourself to guest post on someone else's rad blog and not want to look like a loser when you don't get anything together.

don't know rachel but I've read her blog for a long time.
started reading for the cheap mom tricks and stayed around for everything else.
also I like anyone with a Lily.

sneak peek at what you'll get if you simply click the link:

up at 7. what's on the line up?
start on the chores and sweep til the floor's all clean.
polish and wax, do laundry and mop and shine up....

wait, that's not us. up around 8 and I'm not a very consistent housekeeper.


second day of 1st grade for the girl. smoothies for breakfast and pb&j in her lunch tin. I've been firmly instructed to always always include an "iu" note so I do. then get dressed and some bed jumping.


read the other 89% of this mega post on rachel's playing house blog

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