23 days


we are too.

we have one extended family vacation to go and one allie-derek-lily-max family mini-vacation.

so I wrote up a list the other night of what we'd need to accomplish to feel like our summer was complete.

1. restock our tie-dye wardrobe
2. lemonade stand with the oreo treat things
3. kid party with friends (spy party, star wars party or talent show)
4. church lady ice cream party
5. another friends BBQ with the twinkle lights
6. cut and install the baseboards in the laundry room
7. watch star wars with lily (make more finger puppets)
8. county fair some more
9. backyard mini pool filled with hot water from the laundry faucet
10. roundhouse festival/car show

we have a lot to do so reeeeaaaaady.......break!

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